A New Dawn? Statelessness and Assam

This article explores the ongoing crisis of statelessness that has been created because of a petition made by the people of Assam, India, to update the electoral rolls in the state. As a result of the process, which has been approved by the Supreme Court of India, an estimated 4 million people have become stateless. The government has state that these 4 million people risk deportation back to Bangladesh. The author of this article examines the history of the situation that has unfolded in Assam; discusses the role of statelessness and how it may lead to genocide, underscoring the importance to act and find robust solutions. Finally, the author concludes by discussing potential actions that India should take in order to resolve future cases of statelessness, specifically examining the Global Compact on Refugees and other instruments provided for within international refugee law.

Regina Menachery Paulose, A New Dawn? Statelessness and Assam, Groningen Journal of International Law, 2019.