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OrganisationOrganisation (original)Organization TypeCountryLink
Centre of Migration Studies at New Bulgarian UniversityAcademic research centresBulgaria
Ministry of Justice - Bulgarian Citizenship DirectorateДирекция Българско гражданствоGovernmentalBulgaria
Ministry of JusticeМинистерството на правосъдиетo GovernmentalBulgaria
Bulgarian Citizenship Directorate at the Ministry of JusticeДирекция Българско гражданствoGovernmentalBulgaria
Powers of the Bulgarian Vice PresidentВицепрезидент GovernmentalBulgaria
State Agency for the Bulgarians Abroad (SABA)Държавна агенция за българите в чужбинаGovernmentalBulgaria
Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia Център за либерални стратегииNGOBulgaria