Does China’s Social Credit System lead the way to a dystopian future?

The Chinese Social Credit System gets easily likened to dystopian science fiction scenarios in the West, which at least in part seems to be related to the authoritarian character of the Chinese state. But we should assess the Social Credit System in its own right, asking: is the implementation of a Social Credit System leading to a dystopian political system?

Verfassungsblog hosts a new debate on China‘s Social Credit System. The debate is organised by Liav Orgad and Wessel Reijers, who are part of the Global Citizenship Governance project with whom we closely collaborate. Read the kick-off contributions by  and Jens van‘t Klooster, and the responses by Mathias Siems and Daithí Mac Síthigh, Jelena DzankicCristie Ford, Alberto Romele, Costica Dumbrava, Jiahong ChenPrimavera de Filippi, Mirjam Mueller, Joshua Fairfield, Francesca Lagioia and Giovanni Sartor, Jeremy Daun, and Yongxi Chen.