Nationality and International Law

This special issue of Netherlands International Law Review is dedicated to Nationality and International Law. The Board invited several authors to cast their light on the subject of nationality in international law. The first issue of NILR—then called Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Internationaal Recht—was published in 1953. Now, 65 years later, NILR is still one of the leading journals in the field of international law, including conflict of laws. In 1953, the world was still emerging from the catastrophes of the Second World War and was looking for international cooperation. In 2018, we live in a globalized world with many political contacts between States, international trade relations between companies established in different countries and relationships between citizens of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. New technologies emerge in international trade and commerce, and Internet and new methods of communication play an important role in our modern society. However, some notions do not change and nationality is one of them. It is still used as an important factor in international law, including private international law. Nationality is seen as a firm bond between a State and its citizens.

Special Issue, Nationality and International Law, Netherlands International Law Review, 2018