Poland: Supreme Administrative Court recognises same-sex parents

On 10 October 2018, the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) of Poland overturned an earlier judgment of the Cracow Administrative Court (CAC) forbidding the entry of a British birth certificate into the Polish register of birth. The case concerned the transcription of a British birth certificate of a son of two female Polish citizens. In the earlier ruling, the CAC ruled that any foreign birth certificate needed to be in line with the Polish Family and Guardianship Code, which precluded the admission of children born to same-sex parents and rendered the four year old boy de facto stateless.

With the October 2018 ruling, the British birth certificate will be transcribed in the Polish registry, with both mothers indicated as parents. In all subsequent documents issued by the Polish state, the two mothers will be indicated parents. The ruling is significant as it entails legal recognition of birth certificates that show same-sex couples as parents.

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