Towards dual citizenship in Norway

On 20 December 2017, the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security sent out for consultation a proposition to abolish the principle of single citizenship. Under current law, Norwegian citizens lose their citizenship when voluntarily acquiring a new one, while naturalising immigrants have to renounce their previous citizenship in order to acquire Norwegian citizenship. The proposition includes a possibility for people who have already lost their Norwegian citizenship due to the current rules to reacquire it. The consultation procedure allows for government bodies, organisations and the general public to state their opinion. The deadline for submitting comments was March 2018 and all submitted documents can be viewed here.​

According to the Ministry, dual citizenship is a prerequisite to deprive convicts of serious crimes of their Norwegian citizenship. Permitting dual citizenship should therefore be seen in context with another proposition pending before the legislature that seeks to allow for the deprivation of Norwegian citizenship for persons convicted of certain serious crimes (in order to have the option of loss of citizenship, dual citizenship must be permitted). Another reason is that since about half of new Norwegian citizens are allowed to retain their original citizenship when naturalising, the single citizenship principle is de facto so hollowed out that its principled value is already lost. The proposed revision of the citizenship law aims to reflect a reality where dual citizenship is de facto already accepted for many.

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