Global Citizenship Observatory (GLOBALCIT)

The Global Citizenship Observatory (GLOBALCIT) is an online observatory committed to fact-based and non-partisan analysis of citizenship laws and electoral rights around the world. We are a global research network based at the European University Institute as part of the Global Governance Programme at the Robert Schuman Centre. Learn more about us.


Job posting: Research Assistant on Jo Shaw’s Building Citizenship Regimes: A Global Perspective project. Deadline: 13 May 2021

Book launch event: Flucht und Doppelstaatsbürgerschaft – Wo steht Österreich im Vergleich? Austrian Academy of Sciences, 19 May 2021 at 5 pm (CEST)

New literature

Bronwen Manby
Naturalization in African States: Its Past and Potential Future
Citizenship Studies

Sebastián A. Umpierrez de Reguero, Inci Öykü Yener-Roderburg and Vivian Cartagena
Political Regimes and External Voting Rights: A Cross-National Comparison
Frontiers in Political Science

Christian Adam, Xavier Fernández-i-Marín, Oliver James, Anita Manatschal, Carolin Rapp and Eva Thomann
Differential Discrimination against Mobile EU Citizens: Experimental Evidence from Bureaucratic Choice Settings
Journal of European Public Policy, 2021

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