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OrganisationOrganisation (original)Organization TypeCountryLink
Research and Multicultural Studies - Osnabruck University, (IMIS)Institut für Migrationsforschung und Interkulturelle Studien (IMIS)Academic research centresGermany
Federal Office for Migration and Refugees Bundesamt für Migration und FlüchtlingeGovernmentalGermany
Federal Ministry of the InteriorBundesministerium des Innern GovernmentalGermany
Ministry of Foreign AffairsAuswärtiges AmtGovernmentalGermany
Saarland Ministry of the Interior, Family Affairs, Women and SportMinisterium für Inneres und Sport des SaarlandesSub-stateGermany
Ministry of the Interior of SaxonySächsisches Staatsministerium des InnernSub-stateGermany
Ministry of the Interior of Saxony-AnhaltMinisterium des Innern des Landes Sachsen-AnhaltSub-stateGermany
Interior Ministry of the State of Schleswig-HolsteinInnenministerium des Landes Schleswig-HolsteinSub-stateGermany
Thuringian Interior MinistryThüringer InnenministeriumSub-stateGermany
Ministry of integration of Baden-WürttembergIntegrationsministerium Baden-WürttembergGovernmentalGermany