Next to pursuing its own global research agenda on citizenship and electoral rights, GLOBALCIT has proven experience in carrying out research commissioned by national public authorities, international organisations, and European institutions. Such research included review studies, socio-legal analysis, policy research, impact assessment, and evaluation.

Depending on the type of study and the nature of services, we employ qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research methods, utilizing literature reviews, interviews with stakeholders, expert questionnaires, or statistical modelling. To provide the most accurate interpretation of the legal provisions governing citizenship and electoral rights, we rely on our unique network, gathering 250 country experts. Thanks to their specialist knowledge and context-specific insights, GLOBALCIT can systematically  and comparatively study every country and territory in the world.

All of our outputs undergo a two-tier quality control of our team, ensuring robust research results and insightful conclusions.

Our recent commissioned work includes multiple studies on European Union citizenship and related rights for DG Justice and Consumers of the European Commission through the EU-CITZEN academic network, and a comparative study on citizenship acquisition by immigrants and their descendants (for the State Secretariat for Migration, Switzerland, 2023-24).  

GLOBALCIT is ready to provide expert services to organisations committed to public interests, including governmental and non-governmental organisations, endowments, research institutions and think tanks.

GLOBALCIT retains the right to refuse commissions that are not in line with the values upheld by the Observatory and its network. It also does not provide services to private individuals or business companies.

GLOBALCIT charges for its services and each assignment is subject to a written agreement. The daily rates vary depending on the type of work and personnel involved.

Contact us at if you are interested in our services.