Sangiovanni, Andrea

King's College London

Andrea Sangiovanni is Professor of Philosophy at King’s College London. He received his BA and PhD from Harvard University. Before joining KCL, he was a Randall Dillard Research Fellow at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge (2005-2007). In September 2018, he will be taking up the Chair in Social and Political Theory at the European University Institute (while on leave from KCL). His research interests span four areas within moral, political, legal philosophy: the idea of basic equality, the relation between international and domestic social justice (including a special focus on the European Union), human rights, and the relation between practices and principles. His book, Humanity without Dignity: Moral Equality, Respect, and Human Rights, was recently published by Harvard University Press. Other recent publications include  ‘Solidarity in the European Union’ (Oxford Journal of Legal Studies), ‘Solidarity as Joint Action’ (Journal of Applied Philosophy), and ’The Irrelevance of Coercion, Imposition and Framing to Distributive Justice’ (Philosophy & Public Affairs).