When States Take Rights Back: Citizenship Revocation and Its Discontents

The variety of the contexts in which citizenship revocation is being discussed and applied confronts us with a complex map. Drawing on contributions at the crossroads between history, law, political science, and sociology, this special issue offers an interdisciplinary and comparative examination of this political instrument, revealing hidden rationales and consequences at the material and symbolic levels. The editors argue that the contributions to the special issue expand the scope of the existing literature on in terms of the social actors that are investigated, as well as the rationales for citizenship revocation that are investigated. They also introduce three levels of analysis according to which authors have explored revocation: conditionality, consequentiality, and bordering processes. They then outline the contributions of the articles reassembled at these three levels.

Émilien Fargues and Elke Winter, Special Issue: When States Take Rights Back: Citizenship Revocation and Its Discontents, Citizenship Studies, 2019