GLOBALCIT Review Symposium of Struggles for Belonging: Citizenship in Europe, 1900-2020 by Dieter Gosewinkel


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[1] One tantalising aspect of this book, published well before the start of the war in Ukraine, is that it draws attention in several places to the low-level warfare in Ukraine’s eastern regions since 2014, as if the author sensed what was coming. He probably did, because on pp. 374-80 the book offers a very interesting discussion of how the Russian state has, since the early 1990s, instrumentalised citizenship rules for ethnic Russians in neighbouring countries for a policy of expansion and destablisation that has come to the boil in the war over Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity.

[2] See, for example, ‘Citizenship Struggles: 25th Anniversary Special Issue’, edited by Leah Bassel and Engin Isin, Citizenship Studies 26: 4-5 (2022), 361-725.