Handbook of Citizenship and Migration

Taking an integrated approach, this unique Handbook places the terms ‘citizenship’ and ‘migration’ on an equal footing, examining how they are related to each other, both conceptually and empirically. Expert contributors explore how citizenship and migration intersect in contemporary thinking, going beyond accounts that often treat the terms separately or simply point out the implications of one term for the other. Organised into five parts, chapters address the basic theoretical perspectives on citizenship and migration, including normative approaches, cross-national differences in citizenship regimes, and methodological issues. The Handbook then moves on to look at the three fundamental dimensions of citizenship: membership, rights, and participation. The final part discusses key contemporary challenges and future perspectives for the study of citizenship and migration. This Handbook will be a valuable resource for scholars and students engaged in the study of citizenship, migration, public policy, human rights, sociology and political science, more broadly. Its interdisciplinary perspective and use of empirical studies will also be beneficial for practitioners and policy makers in these fields.

Marco Giugni and Maria Grasso (eds), Handbook of Citizenship and Migration, Edward Elgar, 2021.