Special Issue: Diaspora Political Participation toward the Homeland Arena across Europe

Ever-increasing international migration has challenged the democratic dimension of political inclusion, especially with incorporating non-resident populations into national electoral practices. This has stimulated scholars to examine more closely the processes of emigrant enfranchisement, transnational voting behaviour and non-electoral participation by non-residents. Yet, a lack of comprehensive dialogue exists between migration studies and the literature on political participation. By combining these theoretical avenues, this special issue fills the gap in connecting the trajectories of non-resident citizens, co-ethnics and/or second-generation migrants with (perceived) homeland politics. We focus on specific European country cases both from a cross-regional perspective and by using a case study strategy in homeland and residence country contexts to respond to a set of previously unanswered research questions.

Sebastián Umpierrez de Reguero and Johanna Peltoniemi, “Diaspora Political Participation toward the Homeland Arena across Europe“, European Political Science, 2023.