Acosta, Diego

Latin America

Diego Acosta is Professor in European and Migration Law at the University of Bristol. He has more than 50 publications and his latest book The National versus the Foreigner in South America. 200 Years of Migration and Citizenship Law is now considered to be the key reference for the study of citizenship, nationality and migration in South America from a legal, comparative and historical perspective.

Professor Acosta has provided expert advice on the subject for International Organisations, Governments, political parties and NGOs in the United States, Europe, South America, the Caribbean and Africa, including the European Union, IOM, the International Centre on Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), IGAD, or parliaments and governments in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru or Uruguay among many others. Since February 2021, he is part of the special panel of experts to the Secretariat of the Andean Community. Moreover, he has contributed to submissions in five cases before the European Court of Justice on EU migration and EU citizenship law.

In the last three years, Professor Acosta is investigating regional and bilateral free movement of people and he has incorporated into his analysis East Africa, the Post-Soviet Space and the Caribbean. His website where all his publications are available is: