Al-Ashmar, Mohamad

Mohamad Al-Ashmar is an International Relations doctoral researcher at the University of St Andrews in Scotland (Centre for Syrian Studies). During 2019 and 2020, he worked for the EUI RSC and STG as Policy Fellow and Research Assistant. He has almost twelve years of experience in the international development sectors, with a focus on intersections of economic governance and conflicts, security and development, and humanitarian issues in the Levant region. He has gained this professional experience working with development cooperation agencies, think-tanks and UN organizations in Syria and Lebanon, academic institutions, and civil society organisations across the MENA and EU region. He is now Programme Development Consultant and Researcher for the Syrian Centre for Policy Research, and a MEAL/Research Specialist for several donors and International agencies.

He holds an MSc in Economics Policy from the University of Reading (UK), an MBA in Corporate Management, and a BSc in Economics (Syria).