Alsabeehg, Zeineb


Zeineb Alsabeehg is a political analyst. She took her BA and MA in Political Science at the University of Oslo. Her fields of interest are the Middle East with an emphasis on the Gulf region, the Arab Uprisings, citizenship and statelessness. In her MA thesis (2017), she studied Bahrain’s politics of citizenship, highlighting the policy of citizenship revocations. She has also published the book chapter “Bahrain’s Citizenship Policy of Inclusion and Exclusion” in Nils A. Butenschøn and Roel Meijer (eds) The Middle East in Transition – The Centrality of Citizenship (2018). The chapter sheds light on the policies of naturalisation and denaturalisation in Bahrain. Alsabeehg has written the country report on citizenship law in Bahrain for GLOBALCIT (2021).