Stavila, Andrei

European University Institute

Andrei Stavila has an MA in Philosophy (‘Al. I. Cuza University’, Iasi, Romania), a MPhil in Political Philosophy (Central European University, Budapest, Hungary), a MRes and a PhD in Political Science (European University Institute, Florence, Italy). His PhD thesis tried to normatively defend a residence-based theory of citizenship (which takes previous residence as the only qualifier for citizenship status). His main research interests include political theory and philosophy, immigration and citizenship studies, minority rights, normative ethics and international relations theory. His current research topics are centred on the rights of refugee people and external quasi-citizens. He is also a citizenship expert for the EUDO Observatory on Citizenship (European University Institute, Florence, Italy). For the period January-March 2014 he is a guest lecturer at the Department of Political Science, Maastricht University (Maastricht, the Netherlands), teaching ‘International Relations’ and ‘Faultlines. Contemporary Debates on Identity, Culture and Citizenship in Europe.