Babiker, Mohamed Abdelsalam


Dr. Mohammed Abdelsalam Babiker is Associate Professor of International Law, Dean of the school of law, University of Khartoum, and founding Director of its Human Rights Centre. He is the author of Application of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law to the Armed Conflicts of the Sudan: Complementary or Mutually Exclusive Regimes (Intersentia, Antwerp: Oxford, 2007). He has also co-edited a number of books including: Constitution-Making and Human Rights in the Sudans (Routledge, UK, 2019); Anthropology of Law in Muslim Sudan: (Brill, 2018); Child Soldiers and Protection of Children’s Rights in Conflict and Post Conflict Environments in Central and Eastern African (L’Armatan, France, 2013). Dr. Babiker has published extensively in the areas of human rights, international criminal law, international humanitarian law and migration law, and contributed chapters in books and journal articles.

In September 2020 Dr. Babiker was appointed by the UN Human Rights Council as Special Rapporteur for the situation of Human Rights in Eritrea. In December 2017 and 2018, Dr. Babiker was also appointed by the United Nations Secretary-General as Humanitarian expert with the Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG), Security Council resolution 2385 (2017) and the Panel of Experts (POE) on Somalia, Security Council resolution 2444 (2018). He was also nominated by the Consultative Committee of the UN Human Rights Council for the position of Special Rapporteur for the Islamic Republic of Iran, Session, Human rights Council, 33 session, September 2016. Dr. Babiker also worked as a Legal Advisor and a Human Rights Officer with UN and AU peacekeeping operations and a consultant with a number of UN agencies and international organizations.