Challand, Benoît

European University Insitute

Benoît Challand is Research Fellow at the European University Institute (Florence, where he earned in PhD in 2005) and teaches at the Universities of Bologna, Fribourg, Bethlehem, and Pavia. He works in the field of political and historical sociology, at the crossroad of Middle Eastern studies and contemporary European history. He is the author of two books Palestinian Civil Society (Routledge, 2009) and La Ligue Marxiste Révolutionnaire en Suisse Romande (1969-1990) (Fribourg University Press, 2000) and has contributed, inter alia, to the European Journal of Social Theory, International Journal of Middle East Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, and ReligionStateand Society. He has written many articles on European identity, the role of religion in the public sphere, civil society, and on Palestinian politics.

For EUDO-Citizenship, he is in charge of the consortium’s coordination and oversees the definition and construction of the current web-site.



Thank you and good luck to Benoit

Benoit Challand has been in charge of coordinating the preparatory work for the EUDO CITIZENSHIP website as well as the EUI team from the start of the project up to the launch of the observatory end of September 2009. He has since moved to take up new academic tasks outside Florence. The EUDO CITIZENSHIP observatory has been shaped and pushed forward by Benoit’s inexhaustible energy, patience and creativity. On behalf of the project team, I wish him good luck and a successful academic carreer.

Rainer Bauböck (project director)