Chedia, Beka


Dr Beka Chedia is Researcher and Associate Professor of Political Science from Tbilisi, Georgia. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Tbilisi State University. Dr Chedia has a long track record of working in media, NGOs, academia, think thanks, research institutions both in Georgia and abroad. He is a country expert for Georgia in a number of global research programmes, political analyst and writing contributor to several leading think tanks, research centers in Europe and the US. Dr Chedia was a visiting scholar at several higher educational institutions and think tanks in Western and Eastern Europe. He was recipient numerous research scholarships, grants or awards from international scientific foundations, international organisations and foreign governments. Dr Chedia is author of peer-reviewed articles, policy papers, international research projects, and a frequent media contributor. He participated in the GLOBALCIT longitudinal data collection between September and December 2022.