Gargiulo, Enrico

University of Bologna

Enrico Gargiulo is Associate professor of Sociology at the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Bologna. He is a scholar of citizenship, local membership, and migrants’ integration. He specifically focuses on the history of citizenship, the concept of urban citizenship, and the politics and policies of civic integration. His works include The social consequences of the denied access to housing for refugees in urban settings: the case of Turin, Italy, (with Magda Bolzoni and Michele Manocchi; «International Journal of Housing Policy», 2015), Monitoring or Selecting? Security in Italy Between Surveillance, Identification and Categorisation, in New Philosophical Perspectives on Surveillance and Control (Nomos, volume edited by Elisa Orrù, Maria Grazie Porcedda e Sebastian Weydner-Volkmann, 2016), and The limits of local citizenship: administrative borders within the Italian municipalities («Citizenship studies», 2017).