Hirschl, Ran

University of Toronto

Ran Hirschl (PhD, Yale) is Professor of Political Science and Law, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He is holder of the Alexander von Humboldt Professorship in Comparative Constitutionalism at the University of Goettingen, and heads the Max Planck Fellow Group in Comparative Constitutionalism at the MMG-MPG. His research interests focus on comparative public law, and in particular the intersection of comparative politics and comparative constitutionalism. He is the author of four books: City, State: Comparative Constitutionalism and the Megacity (Oxford University Press, forthcoming in 2020); Comparative Matters: The Renaissance of Comparative Constitutional Law (Oxford University Press, 2014 & 2016)—winner of the 2015 APSA C. Herman Pritchett Award for the best book on law & courts; Constitutional Theocracy (Harvard University Press, 2010)—winner of the 2011 Mahoney Prize in Legal Theory; and Towards Juristocracy: The Origins and Consequences of the New Constitutionalism (Harvard University Press, 2004 & 2007), as well as over one hundred articles and book chapters on comparative constitutionalism and judicial review, the political sociology of public law, the judicialization of politics, constitutional law and religion, and the intellectual history of comparative constitutional inquiry.