Huddleston, Thomas

Migration Policy Group

Thomas Huddleston is Programme Director on Migration and Integration at the Migration Policy Group. He also an external PhD candidate at Maastricht University and a Senior MACIMIDE Visiting Fellow in 2017. At MPG, he coordinates its research on legal immigration and the integration of migrants and refugees, which largely focuses on national and EU policies and their effectiveness for integration outcomes. His areas of expertise focus on the quantitative measurement and evaluation of the success or failure of integration policies to respond to the specific needs of migrants and refugees and to facilitate their integration process over time. He designed and supervises as International Research Coordinator of the Migrant Integration Policy Index (, the Refugee Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM) and the recent EU content of the European Website on Integration (EWSI). He has coordinated research for the EU’s Indicators on Migrant Integration, the third edition of the European Commission’s Handbook on Integration, the Immigrant Citizens Survey and the UNHCR Budapest’s pilot of the Refugee Integration Evaluation Tool. His specific thematic areas of expertise include naturalisation laws and procedures, immigrant political participation, family reunification and the education of migrant and refugee children. He chairs the EU’s policy network on migrant education (SIRIUS) and the quarterly migration subgroup of the NGO Platform on EU Migration and Asylum (EPAM).