Iordachi, Constantin


Constantin Iordachi is Professor of History at the Central European University; head of the Department of History; co-director of Pasts, Center for Historical Studies; and associate editor of the journal EAST CENTRAL EUROPE ( His research and academic teaching focuses mainly on comparative approaches to historical research; totalitarianism and mass politics; and citizenship and minorities in Central and Southeastern Europe. His publications include: Charisma, Politics and Violence: The Legion of the “Archangel Michael” in Inter-war Romania (Trondheim: 2004); and Citizenship, Nation and State-Building: The Integration of Northern Dobrogea in Romania, 1878-1913 (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh, 2002, Carl Back Papers in Russian and East European Studies No. 1607); Contributions to: Noble Fascists? European Aristocracies and the Radical Right (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007), ed. by Karina Urbach; and What is a Nation? Europe, 1789-1914 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006), edited by Timothy Baycroft and Mark Hewitson. Editor of Comparative Fascist Studies: New Perspectives (London: Routledge, forthcoming July 2009), Series: “Rewriting Histories.” 384 p.; Co-editor of: Transforming People, Property and Power: The Process of Land Collectivization in Romania, 1949-1962 (Budapest, New York: CEU Press, 2009),; and România şi Transnistria: Problema Holocaustului. Perspective istorice şi comparative (Romania and Trans-Dnister: The Question of the Holocaust. Historical and Comparative Perspectives) (Bucureşti: Editura Curtea Veche, 2004).

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