Jolkina, Aleksandra

Latvia, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom

Dr Aleksandra Jolkina is a researcher in European and comparative migration, asylum and nationality law with area studies interest in the UK, Germany and Central Eastern Europe. She holds a PhD in law from Queen Mary University of London and has previously taught EU law at London School of Economics (LSE).
Aleksandra’s research currently concentrates on two broad areas: family migration and access to international protection. Her PhD thesis (under contract with Brill), critically examines the concept of marriages of convenience in EU and UK law in so far as it concerns the exercise of EU citizens’ right to family reunion. For her PhD, she has received the ELFA 2021 award for the best doctoral thesis on European law (proxime accessit).
Aleksandra is currently a fellow of the re:constitution programme, run by the Forum Transregionale Studien in Berlin. Her research project aims to provide a comparative analysis of Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish responses to the situation at the EU’s border with Belarus, particularly where it concerns access to the asylum procedure and compliance with the Rule of Law.