Kovács, Mária M.


Mária M. Kovács is a Professor of History Department and of Nationalism Studies Program at the Central European University. Before coming to teach at CEU she was on the faculty of the History Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her main research interests are in Jewish history and in the history of self-determination and international minority protection throughout the twentieth century up to the latest developments, including the dissolution crisis in Yugoslavia. She has published in the problem area of the collapse of liberal institutions in Central Europe following the First World War, institutional expressions of interwar xenophobia and anti-Semitism, the problem of ethnic cleavages within feminism in the interwar era, and contemporary debates over national self-determination, external minority protection and citizenship rights. Professor Kovács is also a senior member of the Institute of History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Visit Mária’s personal page on the CEU website.