Kusa, Dagmar


Dagmar Kusa is a native of Slovakia, where she received her M.A. in political science from the Comenius University and worked at the Slovak Helsinki Committee for human rights as a Project Coordinator. She has received Ph.D. in political science from the Boston University in 2009. From 2005-2008, Dagmar was the Program Coordinator at the International Center for Conciliation and remains affiliated with the Center as the Senior Fellow. Focus of her work and study is historical memory in political use and in conflict resolution and post-conflict conciliation. At the Center, Dagmar has contributed towards the development of methodology of “historical conciliation”, working with groups in conflict through narrative approaches. She has led workshops in India, Cambodia, Europe and the U.S. From September 1, 2008 Dagmar is the Project Manager at Euroclio, The European Association of History Education. From July 2009 she is teaching at the International School of Liberal Art.

Web: http://www.euroclio.eu/joomla/index.php/contact/Dagmar-Kusa.html