Merino Acuña, Roger


Roger Merino, Ph.D. is Research Professor (Profesor Investigador) of Public Policy and Legal Theory at the Universidad del Pacífico (Lima, Peru). He has been Visiting Scholar at the Harvard Law School’s Institute for Global Law and Policy in 2016. He received a Ph.D. in Social and Policy Sciences and a Master degree with distinction in Globalization and International Policy at the University of Bath (United Kingdom). He also received a Master degree with distinction in Comparative Law and Economics by the International University College of Turin and a Master degree with distinction in Civil and Commercial Law at San Marcos National University (Lima, Peru).

Roger’s research agenda includes critical approaches to Law and Policy, Development Studies, Political Ecology, indigenous rights and social and economic rights. His research papers have been presented in academic conferences internationally and published in peer-reviewed journals. His article “An alternative to ‘alternative development’? Buen vivir and human development in Andean countries” (Oxford Development Studies, 44-3, 2016), has won the Sanjaya Lall Prize for the best article published in 2016 in Oxford Development Studies. He is also author of “The politics of extractive governance: Indigenous peoples and socio-environmental conflicts in Peru” (Extractives industries and the Society, 28, 2015) and “Law and politics of Indigenous self-determination: the meaning of the right to prior consultation” (book chapter of Indigenous Peoples as Subjects of International Law. Irene Watson ed, New York, London: Routledge, 2017).