Midtbøen, Arnfinn Haagensen


Arnfinn H. Midtbøen is an Associate Professor in sociology at the University of Oslo, Norway and a Research Professor at the Institute for Social Research, also in Oslo. Midtbøen works on a broad set of research issues related to immigration and integration, such as labour market discrimination, citizenship, descendants of migrants in education and work, and the history of migration research. His current projects include metanalyses of field experiments of racial and ethnic discrimination across the globe and, in collaboration with colleagues at PRIO, the University of Oslo, Aarhus University and Malmö University, a comparative study on citizenship, integration and trust in the Scandinavian countries. Midtbøen’s research has appeared in journals such as Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences (PNAS), British Journal of Sociology and International Migration Review.

 Web: https://www.sv.uio.no/iss/english/people/aca/arnfinm/index.htm