Niesen, Peter

University of Hamburg

Peter Niesen is Professor of Political Theory at Universität Hamburg. He has held visiting positions and appointments at the London School of Economics, University College London, Harvard University, the Institute for Advanced Study Bad Homburg, the University of Iceland and Southampton University. He is currently the speaker of the Association for Political Theory in Germany, and one of the two convenors of the International Political Theory Standing Group with the European Consortium for Political Research. Among his recent publications are “Reframing civil disobedience: Constituent power as a language of transnational protest“, Journal of International Political Theory, 2019; “Speech, truth and liberty: Bentham to John Stuart Mill”, Journal of Bentham Studies, 2019; “Kant and Rawls on Free Speech in Autocracies”, Kantian Review, 2018;. “The Cautionary Use of Fakes”, Behemoth 11, 2018; “What is Animal Politics?” (with Svenja Ahlhaus), Historical Social Research, 2015.