Perchinig, Bernhard

University of Vienna

Associate Research Fellow, Research-Platform “Human Rights in the European Context”, University Vienna; Faculty Member, Department of Commercial Law and European Studies, Danube University Krems; Lecturer, University Salzburg. Further to his research and teaching activities he has consulted several international organizations, national and local governments and private companies. His main research interests are migration policies of the European Union, urban policies on migration, and citizenship policies.

Recent publications:

Die EU – Migrationspolitik zwischen Gleichstellungsdynamik und „Festung Europa“. In: Manfred Oberlechner / Gerhard Hetfleisch (eds.): Integration, Rassismen und Weltwirtschaftskrise. Sociologica Band 14, Vienna (Braumüller) 2010, 51 – 75.

Immigration nach Österreich – Geschichte, Demografie und Politik. In: Frank Baasner (Hg.): Migration und Integration in Europa. Denkart Europa – Schriften zur europäischen Politik, Wirtschaft und Kultur 11. Baden-Baden (Nomos) 2010, 97 – 117.

All you need to know to become an Austrian: Naturalisation Policy and Citizenship Testing in Austria. In: Eva Ersbøll, Dora Kostakopoulou, Ricky van Oers (eds.): A Redefinition of Belonging? Language and Integration Tests for Newcomers and Future Citizens. Leiden/Boston (Koninklijke Brill NV), 2010, 25 – 50.