Pilgram, Lisa

Open University

Since January 2009 Lisa Pilgram is working as Junior Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Law. She is assisting Professor Jo Shaw as part of the EUDO-CITIZENSHIP project on access to citizenship in Europe. During her studies in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Vienna, she developed a strong interest in migration and migrants’ rights issues. She therefore joined a post-graduate programme on Migration and Ethnic Minority Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, where she focused her research on UK and European migration and citizenship studies, as well as on legal issues affecting Muslim communities in Europe.

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Thank you and good luck to Lisa

Lisa Pilgram is leaving the EUDO Citizenship team after 18 months working for the University of Edinburgh. Lisa has been working primarily on the databases of national laws, international laws, and case laws, as well as directing much of the work on the EU citizenship resources. In addition, Lisa organised a splendid conference in Edinburgh in January 2010 and has contributed greatly through her professionalism to underpinning the quality of the EUDO Citizenship observatory. Lisa has moved on to become the Senior Project Manager of a European Research Council project entitled Oecumene: Citizenship After Orientalism, which is directed by Professor Engin Isin of the Open University, and to begin her PhD studies. We all wish her well in her future work.

Jo Shaw, Co-Director of EUDO Citizenship, University of Edinburgh