Pudzianowska, Dorota


Dr. Dorota Pudzianowska graduated in law and sociology. Currently she is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law and Administration, Warsaw University. She specializes in public law with special interest in human rights, migration law, nationality law and anti-discrimination law. She works at the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in Warsaw where she leads strategic litigation of discrimination cases.

She is a member of the Commission of Experts for Migrants in Polish Ombudsman Office. In years 2008-2012,she was an alternate member of the Management Board of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency. 

She is an expert on Polish citizenship at the EUDO Citizenship Observatory She also contributed to other GLOBALCIT projects, including the FRACIT project on ‘Access the Franchise in the European Union’ as well as the ACIT project on ‘Access to Citizenship and its Impact on Immigrant Integration’

She has authored books and numerous articles in academic journals as well as in daily press.