Ravaozanany, Noroarisoa


Noroarisoa Ravaozanany is both a sociologist and a field worker. She is an expert on gender issues as a national and international consultant, and also an activist fighting for gender equality and human rights. Her interventions cover a wide spectrum of gender actions, ranging from developing, managing, monitoring and evaluating programmes or projects to capacity building, through the surveys that she has conducted with Focus Development Association (FDA), of which she is co-founder and chairperson. Since 2006, she has focused on the issue of gender in governance, public policies in Madagascar, with women’s low representation in decision-making positions as the background for her work. She has been coordinating the issue of statelessness in Madagascar in partnership with UNHCR from 2014 to date, and has led a strong advocacy at the National Assembly for the reform of the Malagasy nationality law code to remove gender-based discrimination in order to reduce and prevent statelessness.The process was completed in 2021 and is awaiting review and adoption by the Parliamentarians.