Roots, Lehte

European University Institute

Dr. Lehte Roots obtained her PhD in the Law Department of European University Institute in Florence, Italy. After graduation she was offered a position of Vice Director of Euro College in University of Tartu. Currently she is Associate Professor in Tallinn Law School, Tallinn University of Technology. She worked as a research assistant for the EUCITAC and EUDO Citizenship project in Robert Schuman Centre. Previously she has been employed as a lecturer and Head of the Chair of EU Institutions and Law in Estonian Public Service Academy. Lehte has participated in several EU wide research projects about the free movement, asylum, detention and migration conducted for the EU Commission and EU Parliament. She has also worked as a lawyer, coordinator and is Member of the Board of Estonian Refugee Council. She has obtained a Master degree in Public Management in Potsdam University in Germany. Her research interests are related to asylum, migration, citizenship, free movement and equality law and policy of European Union and Estonia.


Thank you and good luck to Lehte

Lehte Roots was a EUDO CITIZENSHIP pioneer. She worked for the project as research assistant from its official beginning in January 2009 until the end of July 2010. Now she is about to defend her PhD dissertation at the EUI and she already has an offer for a future position that will carry much responsibility: Vice Director of the College of Europe at Tartu University in Estonia. When Lehte joined our project team, she already had strong expertise in comparative legal analyses of issues closely related to citizenship. Her knowledge has been a great asset, especially for securing a high level of quality for the EUDO CITIZENSHIP country reports. Lehte has been a constant and reliable support. On behalf of the whole network, I wish her all the best for her new job and hope that there will be future occasions when she will be able to reconnect.

Rainer Bauböck