Rubio Marìn, Ruth


Ruth Rubio Marín is Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Sevilla as well as member of the Faculty of The Hauser Global Law School Program at New York University. Formerly (2008-2016) she held a Chair in Comparative Public Law at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. Professor Rubio has taught at several other prestigious academic institutions including Columbia Law School and Princeton University where she was selected as a Fellow for the Program in Law and Public Affairs at Princeton University in 2000-2001. Among the courses she has offered around the world are Gender in the Constitution; Comparative Constitutional Law; Law and Culture; Gender and Human Rights; Citizenship and Immigration and Transitional Justice. Her research represents an attempt to understand how public law creates categories of inclusion and exclusion around different axis including gender, citizenship, nationality and ethnicity. Methodologically, she combines law and political theory. Professor Rubio is the author of over 40 articles and author, editor and co-editor of 8 books (plus two in press) including Immigration as a Democratic Challenge, Cambridge University Press, 2000; The Gender of Constitutional Jurisprudence, with Baines (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2004; What Happened to the Women? Gender and Reparations for Human Rights Violations, Rubio-Marín (ed.), Social Science Research Council, New York, 2006; The Gender of Reparations: Subverting Sexual Hierarchies while Redressing Human Rights Violations, Rubio-Marín (ed.) Cambridge University Press, 2009; The Battle for Female Suffrage in the EU: Voting to Become Citizens, with Rodriguez Ruiz (eds.) Brill, 2012; Human Rights and Immigration (ed.) Oxford University Press, 2014; Transforming gender citizenship: The irresistible rise of gender quotas in Europe, with Lépinard (eds.) Cambridge University Press, 2018 forthcoming. She is currently working on a monograph for CUP entitled Gender Constitutionalism in the New Millennium: Towards the Disestablishment of the Gender Order. As a consultant and activist Prof. Rubio has worked for several national and international institutions and agencies including with the UN and the EU, as well as with several NGOs including the International Center for Transitional Justice. She has extensive in country experience in dealing with reparations in post-conflict societies including in Morocco, Nepal and Colombia. She assisted UN Special Rapporteur, Rashida Manjoo, in drafting here report on Violence against Women on Reparations for Women Subjected to Violence. Prof. Rubio has given talks and keynote speeches in over 25 countries. She speaks 5 languages fluently. She is an occasional contributor to public opinion formation through editorials in national and international press. Most recently, she has been invited to deliver the 2019 Gruber Distinguished Lecture on Women´s Human Rights at Yale Law School.