Shapiro, Ehud

Weizmann Institute of Science

Ehud Shapiro is a multi-disciplinary scientist, artist, and entrepreneur. A Professor of Computer Science and Biology at the Weizmann Institute of Science with an international reputation, he made fundamental contributions to many scientific disciplines including machine learning, inductive inference, algorithmic debugging, logic programming, concurrent programming, molecular computers, molecular programming, synthetic biology, and single-cell genomics. Recently, Ehud began exploring social choice theory, participatory budgeting, and the application of blockchain/cryptocurrency technologies to e-democracy. Ehud was an Internet pioneer and a successful Internet entrepreneur, founding Ubique Ltd., perhaps the first Internet social networking software company. Ehud is a recipient of the World Technology Award for Biotechnology, a member of “Scientific American 50” as a Research Leader in Nanotechnology and a winner of two ERC Advanced Grants, on biomolecular computers and human cell lineage. Ehud is a Bass singer, performing mostly Baroque music.