Stojanović, Nenad

University of Lucerne

Nenad Stojanović (lic. Geneva, M.A. McGill, Dr. phil. Zurich), is a senior research fellow and a lecturer at the University of Lucerne. He is also a visiting lecturer at the universities of Fribourg and Geneva. He was a post-doctoral researcher at Louvain, Kent, EUI and Princeton.

Nenad’s research interests focus on challenges to democracy in multicultural societies. Combining the approaches of contemporary political theory and comparative politics, he has worked on topics such as group representation, multiculturalism, nationalism, institutional engineering, electoral systems, federalism, consociationalism vs. centripetalism, linguistic justice, and direct democracy. Current project: “Racist voters and minority candidates” (supported by the Ambizione grant of the Swiss National Foundation for Scientific Research). Recent books: Dialogue sur les quotas (Presses Sciences Po, 2013); Equal Recognition, Liberal Democracy, and Minority Rights (Routledge, forthcoming; co-edited with S. Morales Gálvez).