Tabbara, Tarik

Berlin School of Economics and Law

Since 2018, Tarik Tabbara is a Professor of Public Law, especially German and European security law at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.
He teaches, researches and writes in the area of citizenship law, migration law, religious freedom, freedom of speech and police law.
Tabbara graduated from the University of Hamburg where he earned his first law degree. He earned a LL.M. at McGill University and a PhD from the University of Hamburg. From 2002-08 he worked for the Commissioner of the German Federal Government for Migration, Refugees and Integration. From 2008-10 and 2011-18, Professor Tabbara worked for the German Bundestag dealing mainly with European and public international law and with questions concerning public security. From 2010-11 he held a position in the German Federal Ministry for the Environment.