Global Citizenship Observatory (GLOBALCIT)

Through their laws on citizenship and electoral rights, states determine who belongs to the people in whose name they govern and for whom they assume responsibility vis-à-vis other states. Citizenship is thus a fundamental feature of the international state system and is frequently contested in domestic and international politics. GLOBALCIT is committed to fact-based and non-partisan analysis of citizenship laws and policies around the globe.

From 2017 GLOBALCIT is the successor of EUDO CITIZENSHIP, which started in 2009 with an initial focus on citizenship laws in the EU Member States and gradually expanded its thematic and geographic scope. The new name reflects our Observatory’s worldwide coverage.


CfP: Rights and Status. The Role of Citizenship in Immigrant Integration and Diaspora Building, GLOBALCIT Annual Conference, 29-30 November 2018, EUI Florence. Application deadline: 1 July 2018

CfP: A citizenship lens on the links between migrant transnationalism and integration, Research Symposium and PhD course, Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norway, 21-23 November 2018. Application deadline: 30 June 2018


New literature

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More studies