Conditions for Electoral Rights 2019 now live

The GLOBALCIT team is happy to announce that the new version of the GLOBALCIT Conditions for Electoral Rights 2019 (CER 2019) is now live. The database has been updated by Alina Ostling and Lorenzo Piccoli on the basis of reports on political participation of mobile EU citizens, the National Electoral Laws Database, and the information received by our country experts.

The new version of the database reflects the legislation in force on 1 January 2019. It provides a concise overview of the conditions of eligibility and procedures of access to the ballot in 51 countries, including 20 countries in the Americas, the 28 Member States of the EU, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland. Akin to the earlier versions of the database, CER 2019 distinguishes between electoral rights of citizen residents, non-citizen residents, and non-resident citizens.

In an effort to move towards longitudinal databases, the dataset stored at the EUI Research Data repository allows users to download the corrected CER 2015 and CER 2017 files. The list of changes to the legislation in the period between 2013 and 2019 is available here.