France facilitates citizenship for COVID-19 frontline workers

In late December 2020, French authorities have granted citizenship to approximately 74 “frontline foreign workers in the face of the health crisis” caused by COVID-19, and another 693 are in the final stages. Naturalisation of these individuals, including include health care workers, child care professionals, housekeepers and cashiers is already underway on the basis of their “commitment to the nation”.

Facilitated naturalisation for frontline workers was first announced in September 2020. A total of 2,890 people have applied by 20 December 2020. Instead of the five years of lawful residence that is required under the ordinary naturalisation procedure in France, these professionals are eligible for citizenship in recognition of their “great services ” after two years only.

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The featured picture for this news item is the Hôtel Beauvau, the Office of the Minister of the Interior, shared under licence CC BY-SA 4.0