GLOBALCIT recognises Ashley Mantha-Hollands as Senior Research Associate

In view of her important contribution to the ongoing work of GLOBALCIT, we recognise Ashley Mantha-Hollands as Senior Research Associate.

Ashley Mantha-Hollands, who has recently completed her PhD at Humboldt University magna cum laude, is a Max Weber Fellow at the EUI and Research Fellow with the International Citizenship Law Project Group at the WZB Social Science Centre in Berlin. Her research focuses on the acquisition and loss of citizenship, a domain where she also substantively contributed to our GLOBALCIT work. Her previous engagement with the policy community remains significant for key inputs into our expert analyses.

We sincerely thank Ashley for her highly valued contributions and hope to continue our fruitful collaboration for many years!

Rainer Bauböck

Jelena Dzankic

Jo Shaw

Maarten Vink

GLOBALCIT Co-Directors