Webinar: Citizenship and Territorial Rescaling

The relationship between citizenship and territory is as long as the history of political organisation. The idea of membership instantly triggers the question of ‘membership of what?’, and organisation of human communities into polities has long (although not exclusively) been dominated by territorial principles. The ‘bordering’ effects of territory raise important questions about all of the dimensions of citizenship, including the legal status, the operation of rights and duties, and the question of how far citizenship also translates into a principle of belonging.

This webinar, scheduled for 25 May at 12:00-13:30 CEST, will explore the interface and processes of territorial rescaling. Rescaling processes include the emergence of new states, contestation over territory and the creation of polities with liminal status within international society, the emergence of subnational movements pushing for devolution and even secession, the creation of supranational and international communities of states, as well as processes of interconnection between states enhanced, in particular, by the intensification of human mobility.

From their research, three speakers (Stephen Coutts, Gëzim Krasniqi and Christina Zuber) will present short case studies highlighting some of the citizenship implications of territorial rescaling. In a second part, Jelena Džankić will develop these case studies into a broader conversation about territorial rescaling, offering reflections on how territorial rescaling operates as a framing for new articulations of citizenship.

The conversation will be moderated by Jo Shaw, who will also act as a conduit for questions and comments from the audience. The full programme is available here.

The ZOOM link to the Webinar will be provided following REGISTRATIONDeadline for registration: 24 May.