GLOBALCIT recognizes three Senior Research Associates

As a recognition of their significant contribution to the ongoing work of GLOBALCIT, we are recognizing the efforts of three external collaborators of our network: Iseult Honohan, Timothy Jacobs-Owen and Luuk van der Baaren

Iseult Honohan, Emeritus Associate Professor at University College Dublin, has been one of our longstanding collaborators, going back to GLOBALCIT’s predecessor EUDO-CITIZENSHIP in 2008. Iseult has contributed notably to our work in the area of birthright citizenship and the development of citizenship law indicators.

Timothy Jacob-Owens, Early Career Fellow in Citizenship Law and Policy at Edinburgh Law School, was previously a GLOBALCIT Research Associate while completing his doctorate at the European University Institute. Tim contributes to our work by coordinating the Nationality Laws Database and as UK country expert.

Luuk van der Baaren, Postdoctoral Researcher in Global Mobility Law at the University of Copenhagen, was previously a GLOBALCIT Research Associate at the European University Institute, contribution to the GLOBALCIT Citizenship Law Dataset that was launched in December 2021. Luuk contributes to our work by coordinating comparative work on modes of acquisition and loss of citizenship and updating the GLOBALCIT Citizenship Law Dataset.

We sincerely thank Iseult, Tim, and Luuk for their highly valued contributions and hope to continue our fruitful collaboration for many years!

Rainer Bauböck

Jelena Dzankic

Jo Shaw

Maarten Vink

GLOBALCIT Co-Directors