International travel restrictions in response to the COVID-19 outbreak

GLOBALCIT announces the publication of an open access dataset that tracks the restrictions to international travel implemented by governments in response to COVID-19, created by Lorenzo Piccoli, Jelena Dzankic, and Andreas Perret. The dataset has global coverage. It provides robust information on the type of travel restriction (self-isolation, in-depth screening, medical certificate, quarantine, no entry), target countries, and exceptions (e.g., nationals, residents, humanitarian workers, official government missions, passengers in transit).

Growth in the number of countries that have introduced travel restrictions (5 May 2020).

The interactive visualisation can be accessed through this link. You can watch a short presentation of the dataset in this video for the Global Governance Programme.

We ask users to cite the dataset as follows: Piccoli, L., Dzankic, J., Perret, A. 2020. International Travel Restrictions in Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak, nccr – on the move and GlobalCit.

Jelena Dzankic and Lorenzo Piccoli used the dataset in their recent interventions: ‘Will the global market for investor citizenship survive COVID-19?‘ (GlobalCit blog), ‘Covid-19 and the sudden death of free movement‘ (‘The Borders of Equality podcast), ‘The effects of COVID-19 on Mobility and Citizenship‘ (Webinar), ‘Coronavirus: Citizenship infected‘ (GlobalCit blog), ‘Coronavirus restrictions on movement may jeopardize the lives of the most vulnerable‘ (Washington Post).