Maarten Vink appointed to the Chair of Citizenship Studies at the European University Institute

A message from the GLOBALCIT co-directors

Three of GLOBALCIT’s co-directors (Rainer Bauböck, Jelena Džankić and Jo Shaw) want to welcome Professor Maarten Vink’s appointment as Professor of Citizenship Studies at the European University Institute, within the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies. Congratulations on this richly deserved accolade!

At the same time as arriving at the EUI to help drive forward GLOBALCIT’s ambitious programme of research and commentary, Maarten Vink will also take on responsibility from Professor Rainer Bauböck for the broader research programme within which GLOBALCIT sits: the research area of Global Citizenship Governance. Maarten therefore wants to join with Jelena Džankić and Jo Shaw in thanking Rainer for all of his work in building up GLOBALCIT’s institutional position within the EUI.

 We look forward to continuing our incredibly fruitful and enjoyable collaborations as a quartet, with slightly amended primary locations. At some point, we will all raise a glass together in one place! For now, though, celebrations will have to remain virtual.