Webinar: Investor Citizenship

Investor citizenship programmes have sparked much controversy over the last decade, not the least due to corruption and scandals that surrounded the sale of passports around the world, but also because they challenge our understanding of who is and could be recognised as a citizen. Reflecting a combination of different disciplinary approaches and policy insights, this webinar gathers six speakers in roundtable discussions on the opportunities and challenges of investor citizenship in a globalising world. The webinar is divided in two parts: it first addresses investor citizenship in the context of the much-debated notion of ‘genuine link’; it then explores the benefits and drawbacks of the sale of passports for different stakeholders, and from different perspectives.   

The webinar is scheduled for 26 January 2020 at 16.00 – 17.30 CET. It will be chaired by Jelena Dzankic (European University Institute) and will include presentations by Martijn van der Brink, Lior Erez, Ayelet Shachar, Kristin Surak, Laure Brillaud, and Manuela Boatcă.

The ZOOM  link to the Webinar will be provided following REGISTRATION

Deadline for registration: 25 January